Talcott Parsons

Talcott Parsons, (born Dec. thirteen, 1902, Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S. – died May eight, 1979, Munich, West Germany), American sociologist as well as scholar whose concept of social activity influenced the intellectual bases of many disciplines of contemporary sociology. His job is actually concerned with a common theoretical method for the evaluation of modern society… Continue reading Talcott Parsons

Neil J Smelser

Neil Smelser, in total Neil Joseph Smelser, (born July twenty two, 1930, Kahoka, Missouri, U.S. – died October two, 2017, Berkeley, California), American sociologist observed for the work of his on the application of sociological concept to the research of economic institutions, social change, collective behaviour, and social structure and personality. Smelser was a Rhodes… Continue reading Neil J Smelser

Symbolic Interactionism in Sociology

The symbolic interaction viewpoint, also known as symbolic interactionism, is actually a significant framework of sociological principle. This particular perspective depends on the symbolic significance that individuals create as well as rely upon in the method of social interaction. Though symbolic interactionism traces the origins of its to Max Weber’s assertion that people act according… Continue reading Symbolic Interactionism in Sociology